So, I’m still alive and kicking, beats and pop/rock toons, adventures, living life and all that. I’m proud to say the new album I’m working on with IA and Robin, our fourth album, is going well. We have over an hour of music recorded and it differs a bit from the previous albums in song-structure and vibe. One track for example is an almost 18 minute long sonic trip and others are almost straight-ish rock songs. Robin and IA keep bringing interesting cool stuff to the table and we have talked with a couple of new musicians about having them contribute to the record and give the music some new layers, but we’ll see what happens. Most of 2018 went to sporadically recording. Also discussions about maybe doing some shows again have began but also – we’ll see. So it’s seems like 2019 can be an interesting year for Mindstunt.

All the best, Ben ”Mr Mindstunt” Ewens

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