New double album soon finished

Mattias IA Eklundh and I have been working over two years now in his studio and Robin Kalmeborg in his on what grew to be a double album. It has approximately 85 minutes of music and compared to our previous records the songs are written in a flowing way where for example three shorter pieces woven together form a ten minute track. It has a heavier rock sound but as always with our music varies and sometimes gets softer, I’d like to see it as some kind of musical journey. I still haven’t decided how the tracks should be divided but I might use some of the darker tracks for one side of the album and the slightly lighter/happier tracks on the other side. Some of the darker ones made me think of Porcupine Trees “Fear of a blank planet” so that’s the kind of thing I’m going for I guess, at least for one side – if that’s what’s decided. No name has been decided upon yet. As it is now we are only three people on this record, we might get some more musicians for additional fun stuff, sounds and backing vocals for example.

Its been a long project I feel we’ve all been inspired and excited under this process. IA has done some mind blowing solos and kick ass drums and Robin as always good sting arrangements. Now we are just eager to get the record finished.

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